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Selling Your Home? 5 Things to Avoid

Properties are flying in the GTA market, but that doesn’t mean your home can look however, and fetch top dollars. Here are 5 things you should avoid when staging your home:

1) Dated Hardware

To you, electronics you installed in the 90s might have an emotional or comfort attachment. However, to those who come around your home, these are an eye sore and indicate a potential lack of renewing home environment.

2) Pet Water Bowls Around

Not all prospective home owners are big fans of pets, and more specifically homes with pets. They may see this as a sign of dirty carpets, and/or floors.

3) Dirty Laundry

This is easy enough. You don’t want to go into a room where there is dirty laundry lying around. However, it’s surprising that it does happen.

4) Dirty Windows

Dirty windows indicate a lack of care and maintenance of the property. The windows may be top of the line, and just a year old, but dirt can undo all of the positives.

5) Visible dirt, mold, mildew

Attention to detail – ensure that the home is clear of any visible dirt, mold, and mildew. Once again, this shows a lack of care and maintenance of the home. Complete a thorough cleaning to avoid any further questions.


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