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Realtors: 5 Ways To Market Your Services

Expanding your networks, obtaining new listings, and selling more homes are goals of all the realtors. Below are 5 tips you can use to better market your services.


1) Thank-You Notes

A majority of realtor business comes from word-of-mouth and recommendations. By writing more thank-you notes, you old customers remember you, for even the smallest of gestures. Continuing this practice, along with gift baskets can go a long way in establishing your business.


2) Be a Community Leader

Joining community organizations such as clubs and volunteer groups helps you network, and get your name out in the community.


3) Write a Blog

Writing a blog helps you connect to those in the industry, and also promote your site and brand.


4) Sponsor a local sports team

Yes, it costs money usually, but so does a lot of other marketing. This increases your community presence greatly, and gives visual marketing with your name on the jerseys, most likely.


5) Meet more people

Whenever you have some dead time, it is always a great idea to get out and talk to some people, whether if its a coffee shop or movie theatre.  You never know where your next client will come from.


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