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5 Ways to Prepare Your Home To Sell

Although this list might seem like it’s common sense, the number of homes that have not followed these steps are plenty, and it could affect how a potential buyer sees your home!

1) Create a curb appeal

Clean outside your house by removing any unattractive shrubs, and making your front lawn/area look like it receives regular maintenance.

2) Organize your closets

Homebuyers will look at your closets, and the more organized it is, the more attractive. It is often even a good idea to buy cheap closet compartments to make it look like your closet is a custom one. Organizing your clothes by color code is also another way to entice buyers.

3) Laundry Area

Most laundry areas are bare and messy, but dress yours up. Add a small carpet, and a few clothes bins to give it the feel of a laundry room once you enter the area.

4) The Garage/Storage

For many, having an organized garage/storage system goes a long way. Be sure to have an efficient shelving system which helps you to house your ever-growing collection of items.

5) The Details

Give your rooms a good cleaning, cleaning for dust along baseboards, covering up electric switches, and any other unattractive functional items. This includes cleaning in medicine cabinets, under the sink, behind the toilet, window trims, and etc. It’s not fun, but prospective homebuyers are likely to look in these places.


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