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5 Tips To Successfully Respond to Online Leads

With the new wave of online Real Estate brokerages like RealtyForSale, the question often comes up whether Real Estate Agents should handle the online leads the same way as traditional leads. The answer is complex, but yes and no. Here are 10 steps to help you successfully respond to online leads.

1) Respond as soon as possible!

A study by Trulia shows that 86% of leads feel that response time is extremely important to the in choosing a real estate agent. The bottom line is the quicker you respond to an online lead via phone, email, text, or social media, the higher the chances of successfully retaining that client.


2) Respond using the same communication method used by the client.

Client’s communication of preference is generally the one they used to contact you in the first place. Therefore, if they emailed you, they are most likely email-ers and you would have a better chance reaching them via email. However, it may not be a bad idea to preface or recap an email with a phone call to make them feel comfortable.


3) Always provide contact information.

When talking to a lead, always make sure that you provide multiple options of contact for the client. This could be using social media, text message, phone, or email.


4) Prove yourself. Be prepared.

Clients are judging from the very first interaction with real estate agents. Before you contact a client, make sure you have prepared on getting the requested information, and for potential questions they may have. Think of this first interaction as an interview for the job! Be very detailed and impress you client with additional research you have done including neighbourhood, schools, and etc.


5) Track your Leads.

Make sure whether you have contacted or not contacted your leads, enter them into your contact management system. It is best to contact your leads, and continue nurturing them, until they are ready to do business.


Below is a quick cheatsheet for your desk:

Responding to Leads


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